Thursday, April 21, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #87 and 88: A Pair of Low Number Parallels

Today's Cutch PC Additions bring us two lower numbered parallels.  The Orange Bowman's Best refractor /25 was snagged for only $8, while the Black Chrome Refractor /67 was bought for $30.

Clearly it's nothing like the 1/1 rookie Superfractor of Cutch I showed yesterday, but it was a pair of cards I needed to add for the Cutch PC.

I have really changed my focus on card collecting the past year and a half. Instead of buying up lots of parallels, autos, etc of guys like Jose Tabata and Matt Capps, I am strictly sticking to being a Supercollector of Charlie Morton and Andrew McCutchen in addition to being a base team set collector for Topps, Stadium Club, Ginter, and Heritage. I suppose I will continue to add the base cards of Donruss as long as they are continued to be produced.

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