Thursday, August 1, 2013

Super Collector question to all...

I know that we all have that one player, who's an average ball player at best that we just love to collect cards from.  Who's yours?  Why do you collect that player?

For me, it's Charlie Morton.  Charlie was born in the same town as me along with journeyman Jack Cust.  I was never a fan of Jack Cust and Charlie moved before grade school, but when I saw the Pirates had traded All-Star and Gold Glover Nate McLouth for a couple of minor league prospects including someone born in Flemington NJ...well let's just say that Charlie became my favorite pitcher instantly.

I got to meet Charlie over Fan Fest and had my picture taken with him on Photo Day in 2010.  In addition to being a good major league pitcher now, he's also a very talented musician which you can listen to here.

Low numbered Charlie Morton cards just might be what I get most excited about in my collecting pursuit.
Yes, a guy with a 4.94 ERA over his career gets me more excited about cardboard than a 20 year old kid hitting bombs in the Homerun derby or a 22 year old Cuban sensation in the City of Angels that wears #66.  For me, my first priority with my collection resides in adding more cards of "Ground Chuck" as he's become known in the Steel City.  His sinkerball has been extremely effective since 2011 and he gets a ton of groundball outs now.
2012 Topps Mini Black Printing Plate

When I came across this 1/1 printing plate, I had to buy it! There wasn't even a second thought that went through my head, actually.

No matter how cheap I can grab a HOFer Bill Mazeroski auto for or picking up a sick logo patch of Jason Bay for less than a discounted blaster, I will always get most happiest when I'm adding a 1/1 Charlie Morton to my collection, even if it did cost me $16.99.

Charlie's on the mound tonight as the Pirates attempt a 5 game sweep of the Cardinals in 4 days.
Let's Go Bucs!


  1. Tito Fuentes - the headbands on his cards got me hooked

  2. Awesome card, but a tough loss! Jinx?

  3. Archi Cianfrocco! Played every position except pitcher in his career. And his name was Archi! Chris Denorfia is also all hustle, so he's one of the few active players I have a collection for.

  4. Mine is Ryan Roberts. He was all hustle with the D-Backs and really fan friendly. His 2011 and 2012 Topps cards are also of very memorable moments, which is a plus. His cards are also very reasonable. I've managed to get 8 of his 1/1 printing plates and several other low numbered cards.

  5. Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Russell Martin, Ryan Getzlaf, and recently Corey Seager.