Sunday, December 22, 2013

Charlie Morton Game Used Autographed Jersey

Charlie Morton is my favorite pitcher in the game today.  He doesn't have that wipeout slider or high 90s heat.  He doesn't have a sick 12-6 curveball or a mind boggling knuckle ball.  However, he has a nasty sinker that generates A LOT of groundballs.

While browsing online I came across someone selling game used jerseys.  The MLB authentication sticker proves that Charlie did in fact wear this jersey August 2, 2011.  Charlie didn't pitch that day as the Pirates loss 11-6 to the Chicago Cubs thanks in part to Kevin Correia giving up a terrible line of 10hits, 4 HR, 8 earned runs over 2 innings pitched.

Here's a highlight video of Ground Chuck from 2013 jsut for fun.

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  1. Wow. A game used jersey of you favorite pitcher is awesome! Congratulations on adding this to your collection.