Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WTF is this card talking about? PT1

I know that Topps isn't perfect.  Their quality control is actually pretty bad to be honest, but this card threw me for a major loop.

The front of the card appears to be just another random insert from 2013 Topps Update.

Cool idea for an insert set actually.
It's called Franchise Forerunners and features Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole.  That seems fair considering that Cutch won the 2013 NL MVP and Gerrit Cole looks like he could be a future ace in the making.

The back however.....

I have no idea who they are talking about. Do you?
It makes mention of power arms with devastating change-ups.  The Martinez they speak of is obviously Pedro Martinez who "was an NL force before joining Boston".  I don't know why Allen Webster is referenced on the back though.  He hardly seems like a franchise forerunner considering that his WHIP was 1.81 with an 8.60 ERA and a 1-2 record.  More importantly what do either of these guys have to do with Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole or the Pirates for that matter?


  1. Very weird. I wonder if the back of the Boston card talks about McCutchen and Cole.

  2. There isn't a Boston card in the checklist. My guess is that Topps planned on doing a Martinez/Webster card, but Webster didn't do very well so they hurriedly swapped out the front of the card and forgot to change/hit the save button when they did the back of the card.

  3. This card will be worth thousands someday....