Friday, December 6, 2013

It's a Fleury of a post on Friday

I have trouble keeping up with daily updates on the blog.  So I figured I would treat you guys to two posts on the same day.  Something strange happened in the Animal Kingdom last night as the Penguins killed the Sharks.  WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND THAT ONE, ANIMAL PLANET FOLLOWERS!

Sidney Crosby continued to dominate and got himself 3 more points as he assisted in 3 of the Penguins 5 goals.

The star of the game though was Marc-Andre Fleury who had 44 goals.
44 GOALS!!!

That's a hot glove if I ever saw one.

Which I recently did see on ebay.  I grabbed this 2006 McDonald's Hot Glove insert of the Flower for just a couple bucks about 2 months ago.

The dicut card is shaped like a goalie's glove and features Marc in one of his classic poses.

Oh, how I miss buying Upper Deck products.

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