Monday, December 16, 2013

McCutchen Mondays: 2013 Panini Studio Printer Proof

I started collecting baseball cards in 1987 and continued until around 1995, before rejoining the hobby in 2009.  One of the sets I remember so vividly was the 1993 Donruss Studio set.  It featured studio pictures of the players along with personal information about the players on the back.  It ranged from how many siblings he may have had to their favorite authors to their favorite Smashing Pumpkins song.  The cards made you feel connected to the player in a way that other baseball cards at the time didn't.
In 2013, Panini did a limited number of Studio 13 cards that mirrored that Donruss 1993 set perfectly.  One of the players selected to be a part of the set was my favorite ballplayer Andrew McCutchen.  I showed off the lava flow version of this card back in September.  I've recently added the Printer's Proof that was inserted into packs of the 2013 Father's Day series.

The Printer's Proof cards aren't numbered and look like just thicker black and white photocopies of the basecards.  See the back below.
I didn't trim the scan down to show just how plain these proofs are.  Lame, right?

Well, if it's a new version of Cutch and it's affordable, I'm probably going to buy it.
This card ran me under $6 shipped.

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