Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dammit it's a Doumit: 2013 Silver Slate 8/10

In 2000, Blink 182 was tearing up billboards with their pop punk hit Dammit.

In 2005, Ryan Doumit became my favorite member of the Pittsburgh Pirates until others started to join the fray in 2009 (Cutch and Charlie Morton)

In 2013, I grabbed a Silver Slate parallel from 2013 Topps
What do all these things have in common?
Not a damn thing!!!!

This extremely rare silver slate parallel ran me $12 delivered on ebay.

Should I make a weekly or monthly feature of my Ryan Doumit collection?


  1. I think the column is a good idea, but you have to call it "Dammit it's a Doumit." It's catchy. haha!

    1. I will certainly add it as featured post. (maybe twice a month) I'm going to make adding Doumit's cards one of my main pushes in 2014