Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Reverse Box: Topps Tribute edition

I decided to steal an idea from Plain Gray Swatch and make a reverse 2013 Topps Tribute box.
Boxes fetch between $250-$275 and I wanted to make it more budget oriented, so I went with the $250 approach.
Here's what I plundered.  Take this Topps!!!!

3 Autographs $54.49
2013 Topps Tribute Starling Marte Sepia AUTO 18/35
Starling Marte sepia
numbered 10/35
Cost $28.50 shipped
2013 Topps Tribute CJ Wilson AUTO 43/99
CJ Wilson
numbered 43/99
Cost $11 shipped
2013 Topps Tribute Gary Sheffield AUTO 22/24
Gary Sheffield stickered auto
numbered 22/24
Cost $14.99 shipped

4 Relics $69.79
My reverse box was a Pirates hot box. It even contained 4 relics
2013 Tribute Retired Remnants BAT 88/99
Roberto Clemente Retired Remnants
numbered 88/99
Cost $31.24
2013 Tribute Retired Remnants GOLD 10/15 Jersey Willie Stargell
Willie Stargell Retired Remnants Gold
numbered 10/15
Cost $20.41
2013 Tribute to the Stars 68/99
Andrew McCutchen Tribute to the Stars Jersey Relic
numbered 68/99
Cost $12.99
2013 Tribute to the Stars 31/99

Jose Bautista Tribute to the Stars
numbered 31/99
Cost $5.15

Base Cards
Andrew McCutchen $1.45

Willie Stargell $1.50

Rather than spending money for the actual base cards, I just estimated them at $1.50 a piece.
22x$1.50 = $33
So to recap
3 Autos (1 Sepia) $54.49
4 Relics (one gold) $69.79
24 Base Cards $36 (estimate)
$150.28 for 4 hits that I actually wanted and 3 autographs of players I actually like.  This equated to $100 less than the price of the actual box.  Um....yeah, I think I'll stick to buying singles of high end products.


  1. This has always seemed obvious to me on principle, just based on the ratio of hits I would like to hits available in most products. My most recent experience with this has been in the purchase of a few packs of high-end racing cards, with the hits being somewhat lackluster and hits that I would actually like to have being priced approximately the same as your average pack. Of course, there are those few big hits that you might pull that would make it all worth it, but I can't bust the amount of product it would take to "guarantee" that kind of thing.

  2. Nice Sheffield auto, didn't know that he was included in the set as a Friar. The "Reverse Box" seems like it's always a better idea than an actual box. Not that I can really ever afford either option...

  3. I should have reverse boxed some Ginter.

  4. I'm definitely going to try this out. Congratulations on this awesome custom box.