Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Honus Wagner 1/1 Auto hits the PTR

One of my 2015 collecting goals was to add another Pirates HoFer to my collection. I've already added Max Carey to the collection and now....

I've added an autograph of the greatest shortstop ever

This card is absolutely amazing. Shame the auto is a fake. The above custom card cost me $13 delivered. It may not be real, but makes a great conversation piece.

It goes well with my t206 Wagner bat relic.


  1. Haha, April Fools, you almost had me! That does look nice though, I must say.

    1. Thanks Drew. The seller has a dual custom of Wagner and Cobb on eBay now. His customs look great for the prices.

  2. Looks real enough for me... Cool card!

  3. Those are nice little customs, for sure. Fun.