Sunday, April 26, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #49 & 51: Mini Bazookas!!!!!

My Andrew McCutchen Quest for 100 has really gotten some nice cards to the PC this year.  Last month I received 3 big cards all on the same day and while it would have been nice to post all 3 in the same post for time sakes, one of them is such a big card in my collection that I just had to show it off by itself.  So you're getting two similar cards in one post and I am skipping over the 50th new McCutchen added to my collection this year because of it.

 On the left is the 2015 Bazooka mini and the right is the 2014 Bazooka mini
These mini bazooka cards were extremely short printed and despite not being numbered I see that they are found roughly 1: 108 retail jumbo packs.  Combine that with a 25 card checklist and these suckers are tough to find.  I grabbed both of the above cards for $25 delivered.

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