Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Joey Bats invades the PTR

I've been on a big Jose Bautista buying spree lately and some of the cards I have coming in are just absolutely insane!!!!

Joey Bats made some national headlines after continued sqwalls with the Orioles.

Today is a 2014 Topps Power Players autograph numbered 24/25 that I snagged for $25 delivered.  It's incredible that one of the most elite power bats in the game today can have his autograph sold for only $25 when the card is numbered to only 25 copies.

I know Bautista was a late bloomer, but since 2010 he has hit more HR in the American League than any other player.  He's been an All-Star each of the past 5 seasons and a top 6 MVP finalist in 3 of the past 5 years.  He's currently leading the AL in walks and was the second most walked player last year.  On top of all that he has a beautiful signature which is actually legible.

Expect to see more Joey Bats from me in the future and like I said, some of it will be WTF!!!! WOW!!!! cards...

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