Monday, April 27, 2015

McCutchen Monday: Hailing from 2014 Classics....

Hopefully Cutch can start to heat up.  His batting average being below .200 on April 26th is a very scary thing for Pirates fans.  Did his dreads he cut off give him magical powers and now they're gone?  Is he still battling through a knee injury and lower body pain?  Whatever the ailment for Cutch, I think he will start to heat up and have his average around .300 by the All-Star break.
The above card is an autograph of Cutch I purchased late last year (November/December?) and had stored away without ever scanning or spotlighting.  The card features a dirty relic from a jersey or even possibly pants based on texture.  I'm likely going to have 100 unique Andrew McCutchen autographs by year's end thanks to my Quest for 100 pickups I have gotten so far this year.


  1. Gorgeous! Congrats on the sick addition!

  2. I've tried to get that one a couple of times, but can't seem to close the deal. Congrats.

    I'm just glad the supporting cast for the Buccos is good enough to win games when he is not clicking. Thankfully he hit the ball hard this weekend. Maybe since we are hitting the back end of the Cubs rotation that will be enough to finally get him going.

    1. Polanco has really impressed me the most in Cutch's absence