Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Yesterday I went to the Bucs home opener and IT WAS AWESOME!!! Gerrit Cole pitched an incredible game racking up 8ks thru 6IP. He ran into trouble in the 7th by loading the bases before recording an out, but groundball specialist, Jared Hughes came in to get a double play and pop out minimizing the damage to only 1 run. The Bucs offense was supplied by Buccos Blasts by Harrison, Alvarez, and a 2 run shot by Corey Hart. The bullpen's only struggle was by Mark Melancon in the 9th when he almost blew a non save 4 run lead. Overall though great pitching from Cole and the 3 round trippers is what gave the Bucs the win.

I've been adding more and more Gerrit Cole National Treasures cards over the past month.  The Notable Nicknames on card autograph continues to elude me, but I've added another sick On Card Auto and Patch of The Cole Train along with a Jumbo Jersey.

 Check out the beauty of that card!  On card autograph.  Sick patch!  Low numbering!

The Cole above is a lot like my Polanco I showed off in February.

As you may recall I was going to be adding as many National Treasures as possible until I ended up spending $425 on this product.  I've seen some people with sick boxes containing 1/1 bat barrels, but I have also seen some breaks that produced a lot of rookie autographs along with HOF jersey cards numbered /99.  I think I will get a lot more value out of my reverse box. Every card I have acquired is less than 50 copies.


  1. Great cards, Cole is looking sharp! Congrats on the home opener "W"!

  2. Thanks Drew. Hopefully we can get the Series win tomorrow.

  3. Gorgeous man, gorgeous! Proud to call him a Bruin.