Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dave Parker 1/1 Bat Barrel from 2015 Museum

I am always on the hunt for one definitive card of a player I collect.  I now have a grail for my Dave Parker collection.

I've got several bat nameplates in my collection that I have already shown off. This 2015 Topps Museum started a massive purchase of some incredibly sick cards that I have been waiting to show off.

In case you're wondering, yes that is a Dave Parker 1/1 Bat Barrel from 2015 Topps Museum.  I purchased a large lot of cards from a seller and this was the main card in the lot.

He included these two Dave Parker autographs as throw ins to the deal.  Yup, free Cobra autographs as just can't beat that.

I will be showing off more cards from my purchase in the next few weeks. I got some booklets, 1/1s, dual relics, jumbo jerseys, etc.

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  1. The Cobra is awesome. That bat barrel - even better.