Friday, June 19, 2015

#JHayAllDay: My 1st Certified Josh Harrison Auto

One type of cardboard that I consistently seek out to add to my collection is silver sharpie on card autographs on top of a black background.  I have many of the Pirates top players and prospects rookies as part of Bowman Black's line of cards.

Topps Tier 1 and Tribute have slowly been adding these type of cards into their sets as well and last year I grabbed the Jason Grilli "Grill Cheese" Inscription.  Today I am showing off a card that I have literally been waiting 3 years for Topps to produce.  A Josh Harrison certified on card autograph.  When Josh Harrison and Chase D'arnaud debuted in 2011, I became very excited for the Bucs as I saw both of these energetic young athletes being able to produce at a premium position up the middle with Harrison being a 2B and D'arnaud being SS.  I saw Walker moving back to 3B and Pedro Alvarez at 1B.  Some of that scenario happened, but one thing I desperately wanted at the time was autographs of guys not named Ross Ohlendorf, Jose Tabata, and strangely enough Andrew McCutchen.  I wanted the role players to have signed cards.

Now that Josh Harrison has emerged as an All-Star everyday player that is a switch army knife in the field, Topps is finally producing a certified auto of the man known as JHayAllDay in their products.

There were several to choose from in Tier 1, but this one stood out to me.
Low numbered, on card, silver sharpie, black background, and JHayAllDay?
Doesn't matter how much it cost, this card is awesome!!!!


  1. That card is sweet... now lets see Topps produce a Pedro or Melancon auto!

    1. I'd rather have Watson, Hughes, or AJ before Pedro or Mark.