Saturday, June 27, 2015


A few weeks ago, I showed off an insane Gerrit Cole PC addition and today I am doing the same with another young core member of the Pirates team, Gregory Polanco.

Polanco has a beautiful swing at the plate and there is no doubt in my mind that he will blossom into a key piece of the Pirates future as they battle for the division year after year.  He's been struggling against lefties in the majors thus far in his career and it wasn't until Joey Gallo's promotion that I realized something.  Most lefties don't have crazy platoon splits until they reach the majors and that's because in the minors there aren't any dominating left handed pitchers.  If you're a dominant lefty in the minors, you quickly ascend to the majors faster than any other player type.

This will likely be my last addition of Gregory Polanco to my second 2014 National Treasures reverse box as I have already shown off 3 other beautiful cards of the former top prospect.
While I love the patch to this Polanco more than the Cole I showed, it brings me such great disappointment that this patch was 

used at an event and not a game.
At least Panini was willing to admit that.


  1. What a nice patch. Hope he picks up the pace as the year goes along, he's talented.

  2. I hope he can start to live up to all the hype soon too. He has gotten a lot of Jason Heyward comparison, which after looking at the stats seems fair.