Tuesday, October 13, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #158: Museum Gold Frame Auto /10

I've shown off quite a few Andrew McCutchen autographs that I have added to the PC this year
2012 National Treasures Button 1/6
2012 Triple Threads "Pirates Pride" 3/18
2014 Topps Power Players Auto 20/25
2012 Prime Cuts 7/25
2011 Triple Threads Unity Relic/Auto 98/99
2014 Donruss Elite (not serial numbered)
2012 Allen & Ginter RED Auto 1/10

Being able to add 5 Andrew McCutchen autographs serially numbered less than 25 would make any collector happy in a calendar year, but I'm becoming a true super collector of Cutch and adding one more /10 to the PC just seemed fitting.

Topps Museum Framed Autos have long been one of my favorite releases year after year.  I have even started to add the Football Framed Museum Autos to my Steelers PC.

This has been on my wants list for a loooooooong time and I am glad that I can finally call it mine.

It only took 4 years, but this 2011 Gold Frame On Card Auto is


  1. Nice card, but the auto sure doesn't show up very well.

  2. I saw that card pop up on eBay a few months back. Glad you were able to get it. That is an incredibly tough one to find. I've noticed lately that best offer seems to be better than the traditional auction for his autos.

    1. Thanks guys. I'm way behind on updating my blog with the number of cards I've purchased. Since this card was bought, I have added another 50 or so Cutch cards.