Tuesday, February 3, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #9, 10, 11: GOTTA SEE THEM TO BELIEVE THEM!!!

I don't pretend to be an Andrew McCutchen super collector.  If I were to collect Cutch like they were Pokemon (gotta catch em all reference) I would be absolutely broke!!!  Every day there is a new card of Cutch hitting the open market that I didn't knew existed or if I knew about it, I couldn't afford it.

I am trying to add 100 new Cutch cards to my collection this year.

I know of Allen & Ginter's rip cards and short print extra minis they insert into the cards, but I never thought I would be able to purchase one.  I've seen them sell in the $100+ range almost every time.

Thanks to my unused paid time off from last year I received a check that was basically free money for being a good employee all year.  I decided to treat myself with this trifecta of Allen & Ginter awesomeness.

Purchased as a lot for $250, I am quite possibly insane....but a happy insane.

Up first is the most recent of the bunch, a 2014 Allen & Ginter Extra Mini #358.  Like all other extra minis, the card features a different pose than the standard mini and features a different numbering on the back.

Next is a 2012 Allen & Ginter Extra Mini #372.  Same deal as the 2014.  Different pose.  Different numbering.

Finally in my pursuit to get to 100 unique certified autographs of Cutch one day (maybe that will be my 2016 goal) is a 2012 Allen & Ginter RED INK auto numbered 1/10.  Yup an eBay 1/1!!!! LOL!

Last week we wrapped up the first month of the new year, I have already added 11 new Cutch cards to the collection.  I am currently on pace to surpass my goal of adding 100 new Cutch cards easily.  It might actually be more difficult for me to keep up with the blog rather than showing off all the cards.
Because all these cards are from the same line but different years and all from the same seller it made it easier to make these three cards a big lot post.
Do any of you have a preference on how I post future McCutchen Maildays?
Prefer the single card spotlight?
Prefer bulk spotlight?
Prefer no more McCutchens on the blog?  Well...go somewhere else!


  1. god that red auto is just GORGEOUS.

    congrats dude!

  2. Wow! That's a prestigious Cutch, my friend!

  3. The red autos are so nice. Congrats!