Monday, December 14, 2015

McCutchen Maiday #249: The Card I have always wanted produced is finally mine

Over the past few years, the Pirates have been sending multiple players to the All-Star game.  Topps usually produces cards with multiple players from the same team as a part of their Update series getting the All-Star relic treatment.

This year alone, I have acquired some of those cards.

Cutch with JHay (Tony Watson and Mark Melancon were both All-Stars too)
Cutch with Grilli and Alvarez (Jeff Locke was also an All-Star)

There has never been a card produced that featured all the players (Clint Hurdle isn't a current player) on the same card with a jersey relic until...well, they still haven't!!!!

Even without Mark the Shark Melancon on this card, it still rocks!!!

Cutch, AJ, and the Cole Train all together with images from the All-Star game and AJ's photo from when he was announced at PNC Park that he was going to the 2015 All-Star game.

These three guys (and of course Charlie Morton) are my favorite Buccos.  I am so happy to have a card that features all of them together with jersey relics that match their 2015 Warmup threads.


  1. That's some serious star power right there; congrats on landing it!

  2. Batman relic... awesomeness. I think Topps has paid more attention to the Pirates in 2015 than the previous three decades combined.