Friday, December 11, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #248: Who's the Best????

Andrew McCutchen
Mike Trout
Jacoby Ellsbury
Adam Jones

Who's the best all around centerfielder in the game today?
In 2014 Topps Museum begged us to ask that question when they placed these stars together on a single piece of cardboard.  Trout is by far the best with Jones and Cutch 2A and 2B if you ask me.  Adam Jones is a very under rated star in today's game.  His numbers have been consistent with Cutch's numbers each year, but for some reason more fans think that Cutch is significantly better.

The main reason I finally decided to pony up on this card was the patch for Cutch.  I've seen a lot of versions of this with Ellsbury patches, but rarely does a Cutch patch pop up on this card.  Since he's the main player I collect, I needed a nice version of black and gold on it.

In terms of contracts, it appears that the Pirates got the most value for their buck in extending Cutch before the 2012 season.  Here's a breakdown of the players depicted on this card current contract status.

Andrew McCutchen thru 2017 (6 years/$51mil) team option 2018
Adam Jones thru 2018 (6 years/$85 mil)
Jacoby Ellsbury thru 2020 (7 years/$153mil) team option 2021
Mike Trout thru 2020 (6 years/$144mil)


  1. Cutch is better than Jones because of the obp. Jones has more pop but I think most would agree that Cutch overall is a more well rounded hitter.

  2. What a card!
    1. Trout
    2. Cutch
    3. Jones
    4. Ellsbury

    1. That's how I would rank them too. I was shocked by how close Jones and Cutch's counting stats are though over their careers.

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