Sunday, December 6, 2015

Owen Wilson visits the Treasure Room

Growing up, I never gave into peer pressure to smoke or drink thanks to a huge influence of XstraightedgeX hardcore punk rock music.  Bands like Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Chain of Strength, Strife, and many more helped me decide to stay away from those dangerous substances as a teenager.

Today, I finally succumbed to the nicotine addiction.

Kind of...
I added a T-206 card to my PC and it is none other than Owen Wilson.

Not that Owen Wilson from all those terrible Ben Stiller movies.

I'm talking about the 1909 World Series Champion
The 1911 RBI leader
The Single Season record holder for triples (36)

That's the Own "Chief" Wilson I am talking about.

On the back of the card it features the Sweet Corporal Cigarette logo.

Maybe tobacco isn't so wacko
I grabbed this card for less than the price of a few packs of cigarettes.


  1. great pickup! nothing like nabbing a T206!

    1. Thanks Greg. I'm hoping to pick a few more up next year.

  2. I like vintage Pirates. Now to find the Honus Wagner for a reasonable price ;-)