Wednesday, December 16, 2015

McCutchen Mailday #251, 252, and 253: 3 MORE 1/1s

I have already added an insane amount of Andrew McCutchen cards to my collection this year.
I've even added almost 40 1/1s to the PC this year.  That would be exciting for any collector.  However, I really think that I have outdone myself with this recent group of cards I have purchased.

I got in contact with a seller who has dealt me some nice Cutch cards in the past that he's won in group breaks and beaten me on eBay a few times.  I was trying to win a triple booklet of Cutch's All-Star sleeve from 2015 Triple Threads but ended up losing it.  Patience proved to be a virtue as after a few months, I was able to acquire from the winning bidder.

This card (along with it's custom case I will never remove it from) is now the highlight of my Cutch collection.

Behold the beauty of a 1/1 triple booklet All Star Sleeve patch!!!

The customized red case really makes this card pop.

This is what it looked like before putting it in the custom case

Also from the same seller were two other nice 1/1s including only my 2nd button in the collection

Oh and another letter...

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