Friday, January 15, 2016

Ke'Bryan Hayes Purple Craze

When Ke'Bryan Hayes was drafted by the Pirates I immediately started to grab a bunch of his Team USA cards.  I couldn't wait until Bowman Draft became available so I could start to buy up as many color parallels as possible.

The problem with that though was that all the high end lower numbered parallels were selling for crazy amounts of money.  The Superfractor for over $1.5K?  Are you kidding me????

Don't get me wrong, I think Ke'Bryan will be a very good player in the majors.  He'll probably be similar skill set to Josh Harrison, but slower on the base paths.  He can play solid defense and hit for average, but hasn't shown his power yet. 

If I'm going to pay over a $100 for an autograph of a Pirates player, it's going to be someone established like Cutch or Cole.  End of story.

So Ke'Bryan, but all I can afford from you now in terms of color Bowman is purple.

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