Thursday, January 21, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #26 & 27: Cutch 22 and His Amazing Friends

Anyone remember the cartoon, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends which starred Spider-Man teaming up with Iceman and Firestar while at college?  It was a fun cartoon in which they had a tripped out apartment and fought villains of the week.  I don't own any of the episodes on dvd, but I remember having the episode where they fought Magneto on VHS. 

I bring this up because as my Andrew McCutchen grows (almost daily) I come across cards that feature Cutch with past and present stars.  My absolute favorite combination to pair with Cutch includes cards with Hall of Famers.

Every baseball fan knows of Roberto Clemente.  He's one of the greatest rightfielders of all time.  He's a Pirates legend.  He's the superstar that opened the door for latin players in America.  He's also one of the most tragic stories in sports.  I love grabbing Clemente cards.  If Clemente is on the card with Cutch, I feel I owe it to myself to grab it.

One player who many fans put high hopes and expectations on who never lived up to the hype was Pedro Alvarez.  Pedro was cut from the Pirates future plans when they chose not to go to arbitration with him.  He's a one tool player (power) with terrible defense and poor plate discipline.  He doesn't get enough credit for his base running ability for being a big guy.  What I mean by that is that he will never likely have double digit steals, but was very good at knowing when to try and take the extra base. 

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