Saturday, January 16, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #8-10: Golden Archives from Sportlots

Dave Parker was a fan favorite while playing for the Bucs back in the 70s.  The below Topps Archives Dual Fan Favorites card has been haunting me subtly for a few years.  I've been wanting to add this card to my collection since I first saw it and passed up on adding it for the $4 range many many times.  Since 2014 I haven't seen them hit eBay or COMC for less than that though.  Fortunately one finally popped up for $1.50 on sportlots.  For a little over $2 shipped, I finally had gotten it.  Strangely enough, this card was something that I got more excited about than many of the patches from Strata I have received this year.  Weird, right?

Along the same lines as the above card, is the desire to complete the 2015 Topps Archives rainbow since I grabbed the base, silver, black border 1/1, and 2 of the printing plates shortly after it's release. 

One card that I kept losing was the gold version /50.  I must have lost nearly 10 auctions for it with many of them going well over $10.  I refused to pay more than that for the card.

After looking on blowout, comc, ebay, and sportlots I finally came across one on sportlots for $4.  I couldn't have been happier to add it to my cart along with a few other Archives that I needed.  Coming from 3 different sellers, but all arriving on the same day made this McCutchen Mailday a happy day for this Cutch supercollector.

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