Friday, January 22, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #28: It's a Real Baseball!

The Andrew McCutchen PC continues to grow daily as today brought home another unique and awesome relic to the Cutch Collection.

Hailing from 2015 Topps Tribute Special Edition is this game used baseball from the game which Cutch hit his 1st career MLB Home Run.  The back details some of the game's events where Cutch lifted a 2 run Home Run off current team mate Francisco Liriano.

This is an awesome card and my first baseball relic to feature Cutch.  I have shown off a few other game used baseball relics in the past and I think these are some of my favorite types of relics.  If I had to rank them in terms of basic relics (not counting premium patches or bat knobs, etc) I would say baseballs, unique clothing (cleats, hats, etc), jersey, bat would be my order.


  1. That is a very cool relic. I wish I could find a Joe Carter card with a baseball in it, but I suspect that's really only possible with more current/modern players. Either way, cool card.

  2. Love how they link the relic to a specific game. Have a Glavine like this as well, best relics around if you ask me !

    1. The MLB authentication is a great touch.