Monday, January 4, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #1: My first Cutch card received in 2016

Picking up right where I left off in 2015, I am continuing to add cards to my Andrew McCutchen PC.  Last year, I added 388 new unique cards of Cutch to the PC. 

That's over 1 new Cutch card a day!!!!!!

We are four days into the New Year, so it looks like I will have some ground to make up if I am going to keep that pace.  Rest assured though, 2016 will feature some nice cards of Cutch added in the early weeks as I am currently working out a deal to purchase a large lot of game used relics.

Continuing with the Strata cards I ended 2015 with, I grabbed another black/50 of Cutch.
This makes my 4th unique Strata added (with more on the way).  This particular card looks to be part of the "B" and "U" in PITTSBURGH worn on the front of the grey road jerseys.  This is also confirmed by the sticker indicating the Pirates were playing in St. Louis. 

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