Monday, January 18, 2016

McCutchen Mailday #11 - 21: Lots of low numbers, rainbows, and an another Strata

I have over 1,000 unique Andrew McCutchen cards.  Of all those, I have started many rainbows, but have only completed two officially.

My recent purchases which ALL arrived on the same day contained a lot of needs for my Prizm, Bowman, and Topps rainbows. 

It felt like Christmas opening all those packages.  There was so many cards that my girlfriend was actually calling me Jimmy Fallon based on the movie Fever Pitch.  "Wow Jimmy, looks like you got some more cards in the mail today" is one of her favorite phrases when I have big maildays like this.

Some of the key cards were
 /5 press proof of Studio 13
/10 Father's Day Element
/25 Prizm 2014
/60 Prizm 2015
/75 Bowman 2014


  1. Your McCutchen collection is unreal.

    1. Thanks Drew. I'm thinking I might try to get near 1,500 unique cards by year's end