Thursday, August 14, 2014

Congrats Russell Martin!!!!

I only have 1 Russell Martin autograph in my collection.  Since joining the Pirates last year though, he's been one of my favorite guys to root for and I know that if he elects to hit the Free Agent market after this season, I will continue to follow his career.  He's a gamer every day.  Last night, Martin hit a double to score the tying run for his 1,000 career hit.

I got the above quad auto on ebay late last year for $19.99 and for the extremely low numbering and the fact that there is 3 other players on the card with one of my main player collections, Jason Bay I just couldn't pass it up.  This card is numbered 4/5 and marks my 21st, 22nd, and 23rd unique players to have autographs on a card with the former Pirate Rookie of the Year.

Due to the landmark moment of Russell Martin's career, I decided to cancel this week's Throwback Thursday.


  1. That is a nice card. I've never seen that one.

    1. Thanks Matt. It was a very rare find that I had never seen before either.