Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lunch Box Hero!!!!

Earlier in the month, I showed off a pair of Topps SegaCardGen cards released in Japan of Jason Grilli and Garrett Jones respectively.  I mentioned that I grabbed a few of the 2013 cards from the same seller and with the recent hot streak that Travis Snider aka LunchBox has had with Andrew McCutchen being out now would be a good time to show off one of my few Travis Snider's Pirates cards. Even with McCutchen being back in the lineup tonight, Lunch Box will be staying in the OF to give Gregory Polanco a day off.
I wish that these cards were produced in 2014.  They're fun unique items that are tough to chase down.
We all complain about Topps using the same images on multiple products.  They do it on their overseas products as well.  Looking through your basecards for the image I am referencing?  You won't find it.  The image of Snider holding up the Zoltan symbol was a 2013 Topps Team Set exclusive variant.
I showed it off here last September.  I included the picture of the variant below.


  1. This losing streak has been crippling. Our depth is killing us. Guys like Michael Martinez and Jason Nix are getting way too much playing time. You would figure we would have a better insurance policy for Walker since he has never played a full season.

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