Sunday, August 10, 2014

There's being a supercollector, then there's me....

I'm a supreme collector of all things Charlie Morton.  It's actually crazy how much Morton stuff I have actually.  I've shown off a card before every start he makes this year and I still have a ton of stuff that I haven't shown yet.  I have nearly 95% of all cards published that aren't 1/1s.  Truly ridiculous stuff, right?
Well, I just added another batch of crazy by picking up a Braves vs. Phillies program from 2008 when Charlie was a member of the Atlanta Braves.

The program features a nice article of Charlie and how he had struggled through the minors before taking a big leap to the majors.

It's only the second program I have featuring the New Jersey born right hander.

For those of you that super collect cards of your favorite players, do you also go and grab things like this?

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  1. I definitely do. My problem is that my favorite player is Robin Yount, a guy the Brewers would put on pieces of asphalt for a giveaway to get people in the stadium if they thought that would work. Well, at least in times that they are struggling.

    I've gone so far as to try to catalog the magazine covers/programs/yearbooks/media guides on which Robin has appeared. It gives me more items to chase when the cards are too expensive.

    Thanks for sharing this Morton program.