Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I still miss Upper Deck

Topps keeps putting out so many different kinds of parallels and it becomes frustrating to collect them all especially when the photography on most cards isn't the best.
2010 Upper DeckGold 16/99

That's why I miss Upper Deck because they always used nice full bleed photos and only had a few parallels for their base set.  There was First Edition and the Gold Parallels /99.

With news of Andrew McCutchen most likely heading to the DL for several weeks today, the P:irates will need to rely on the non superstars to keep them on the winning side of the scoreboard and have any hope of the playoffs.  Charlie Morton gets the task today for facing the Marlins in PNC Park.


  1. I miss UD too. Nothing against Topps. I think they have their place in the hobby. But competition can't hurt and I'd love to see MLB logos on UD Masterpieces and Flair products.

  2. That is a nice Morton. It is amazing how far he has come since that card.