Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My first RussMart jersey

Since the Pirates signed Russell Martin as a free agent after the 2012 season, I've been wanting to add a relic of his to my collection.  There were many options available from his Dodgers days, but I was really hoping Topps would produce something of his.  The only relic that I know of though that Topps has produced of Russell wearing a Pirates uniform was this 1/1 Bat Nameplate from Topps Museum I bought last year..

Fortunately Panini was able to pick up Topps slack and produce this Jersey King in 2014 Donruss Series 2 of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club backstop.  The card above cost me just $1.99.

Russ has had one of his best offensive years of his career this year and will likely be one of the key free agents on the market this winter.


  1. Awesome card. Russell Martin has been such a boost for the Pirates, there should be dozens of his Pirate relics and autographs by now. This is a shining example of why completion is a collector’s best friend. While Topps putzes around with their 10,000th different Andrew Lambo autograph, Panini produces a gem like this. Competition allows other companies to explore different avenues and catch certain players that are deemed uncardboardworthy by others. If not for Donruss, I wouldn’t have a Kenny Lofton Pirate autograph. If not for Fleer, I wouldn’t have a Sean Casey Pirate autograph. If not for Panini, I wouldn’t have Justin Morneau in a “Pittsburgh” uniform.

  2. Great card! I clicked on your link to your post about the Russell Martin bat nameplate and then on that post I clicked on the post for your McCutchen booklet with the bat nameplate! Wow!

  3. Nice get! I need to pick one up as well.

  4. It will be sad to lose him via free agency. I give us about a .001% chance of resigning him.