Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm like Indiana Jones with this VERY RARE 1/1 find....

Being a supercollector can get boring during the "offseason" when no other cards are being produced of the player you collect.  What I do is improvise and add to the collection, other pieces of cardboard not found in baseball packs.  I came across a Game Used Lineup card from a Pirates game in 2009 when the team finished their regular season with a 62-99 record.  That terrible record was good for second worse in the majors that year.  Not many people would get excited for a piece of paper that the manager wrote on for a team that finished that bad.

My favorite pitcher, Charlie Morton, was called on to make his 18th start of the season on September 30th, 2009.  He had a 4-9 record entering the day with an ERA of 5.01.  Things were different though on September 30th, much different.  Charlie took the mound and pitched an absolute gem striking out 8 while sprinkling 4 singles and 3 walks over 9 innings for his first career complete game and shutout.

That's right, I am the proud owner of the lineup card from Charlie Morton's first shutout in the majors and thus his first complete game too.  Anyone want to try and beat that for their supercollection?  It cost me $35 and is now framed on my wall.

News broke last week that Charlie has suffered a sports hernia and could possibly be out for the duration of the season.  Being a supercollector, that's terrible news of course.  Today it was announced that Charlie will most likely begin a rehab assignment and could hopefully recover strong for the Bucs and help them to their second postseason appearance in as many years.


  1. I've came close a few times to buying a lineup card but have yet to pull the trigger. That is a pretty good price for a game that is significant to you. Congrats!