Tuesday, August 12, 2014

That's what you get...

I'm going to be perfectly honest, I don't look up Marte cards like I used to mainly because I have been so focused on my Charlie Morton collection and adding more vintage.  However, when I come across a cool looking insert of Marte for less than $2 delivered, I feel that I need to add it to my collection.

Such was the case for the above 2014 Prizm Top of the Order insert.  I like cards like this that show a team's batting lineup.  I don't know why, but I've always had a fancy for those types of inserts.

Even though Marte wasn't at the Top of the Order in yesterday's game, he was a huge part to the Pirates success against the Tigers.  In the first two innings he had a single, triple, stolen base, 3 RBI, and 2 runs scored.

BTW the reason for my post's subject today is because I have that line "That's what you get" from the forthcoming movie Let's Be Cops stuck in my head.  That movie looks like a lot of fun.

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