Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Black is the New Black: The White Sox are trying to rebuild using the 2007 Pirates

I was looking for some autographs on COMC a few months back and came across this card which I absolutely needed to add to my collection for the price paid ($5).  I don't have many Adam Laroche autographs in my collection and this card was low numbered and signed in silver sharpie (one of my favorite kinds of signatures).  I decided to grab it.

Upon receipt of the card I realized that maybe the 2015 Chicago WhiteSox will look similiar to the 2007 Pirates.  They just signed Adam Laroche and Zach Duke for a combined $40 millions.  Wow!!!! Good Luck with that ChiSox!
Update: This was scheduled for Saturday but I messed up the dates. It looks like the White Sox will be more aggressively contending in 2015 more that they have traded for Scrabbleboard and signed David Robertson.


  1. email me your addy.. I have a couple of cards for you.

  2. I hear Eldred, Duffy, and Paulino are all available. No idea what happened to that Bautista guy though...