Sunday, December 14, 2014

Football Sunday: Saved by Le'Bell

My fantasy football team has been an absolute force to be reckoned with the past few weeks.  The past three weeks, my team has posted over 200 points which is just crazy numbers for those of you that do fantasy football.  I play in a PPR League on NFL. com and my team name is Saved By Le'Bell.  I chose the name because every year I pick a Pittsburgh Steeler (my favorite team) and draft a player and name the team after him.  I went overdraft and got Le'Veon Bell (after the drug arrest) in the 2nd round with the 14th overall pick.  I had a good feeling about what he could mean to the Steelers offense and boy have I been rewarded with my instincts.  Last week thanks to his 3 Touchdowns I was rewarded with 52.5 fantasy points.  He almost beat my opponent by himself as my opponent only mustered up 56.46 points.

The Steelers post season hopes as well as my own will be riding Le'Veon Bell hard today.  Let's see if both teams can be "Saved by Le'Bell"

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