Sunday, December 21, 2014

Football Sunday: Fantasy Focused!!!

For the second straight year, my fantasy football team is going to the Championship game.  Strong seasons by Aaron Rodgers (1st Round), Le'Veon Bell (2nd Round), TY Hilton (4th Round), Odell Beckham (12th Round), and Justin Forsett (Waiver wire) have really helped get my team to the Championship Game.  I'm currently sitting 8 points ahead of my opponent but he still has Emmanuel Sanders and the Broncos defense left while I only have a kicker left.

Last year we played for an autographed football (player's choice) and I lost by less than 2 points in the big game.  This year we are playing for an autographed jersey (player's choice).  I'm hoping that Cincinnati loses and Denver kicks about 10 field goals while giving up 4 TDs.  That should help secure my marginal lead.  

Regardless of what happens in fantasy football, the STEELERS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!

The above card was part of a Pittsburgh lot I recently purchased for $3 delivered.  The lot also included Pirates McCutchen and Polanco and Steelers Polamalu and Bryant.

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