Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My newest PC I plan to supercollect

I'm starting another PC that I hope to supercollect.  I don't often plan to supercollect prospects because they can be amazing in the minors and ranked as a #1 prospect then never stick in the majors (Brandon Wood, anyone????)  The fact that the player I plan on collecting is blocked at the major league level will only make it harder for him to make it to the majors.  The Pirates already have one of the game's best patrolling CenterField (Andrew McCutchen) with the very speedy duo of Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco controlling the corners.  Every player in the Pirates outfield has 20/20 potential with an average around .300.  Those kind of numbers are All-Star caliber numbers.

22 year old Willy Garcia will have a challenge ahead of him in order to make his MLB debut and become a star but after watching him in the minors I'm going to attempt a supercollection.

My first card I plan to show off is a 2012 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor numbered 12/25 because I am in the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!


  1. I've always been really high on Garcia, and liked him better than Polanco at one point. I do wonder where he will fit in, since the outfield looks filled up and Bell is penciled in at 1B possibly as early as next year.

    Having a surplus at a position is never a bad thing, but I hate to see young players get traded away after we suffered through so many years of an absolutely barren minor league system.

  2. Garcia seems to be underrated. He climbed the system fairly fast for his age and looks to AAA ready this year. Like Mark said, he seems to be blocked.

  3. Like Mark, I agree that I like his upside more than Polanco. I expect him to either be a key piece of a trade or be in the majors by September.