Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going Green McCutchen Mailday #19: 2008 TriStar

When I was planning out my posts for March 2015 I knew that I had to show off 3 Andrew McCutchen's that I purchased early in February, but would have to wait to highlight them to create the "Go Green Event" I have planned.  All March leading up to St. Patrick's Day I plan to highlight green parallels I've purchased over the past few months that haven't been shown on the blog.
 The green on this card really pops.
 This 7 year old cardboard numbered to only 50 copies ran me under $9 delivered and marks the only card I have of Cutch wearing the Altoona Curve uniform.

I will only be highlighting 3 cards this month in my Quest for 100 because quite frankly I haven't been able to add many greens of  Cutch in 2015.

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