Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Going Green: Paul George Game Film 5/5

My Pacers collection has been steadily growing over the past year.  With rising star Paul George out for the season, there hasn't been much to root for regarding the Pacers and their sub .500 season.  However, because of that I have been able to add some really neat cards to my collection for much less than they were fetching a year or two ago.

A year ago, this green parallel numbered to 5 of Paul George would have gotten over $100 on the market.  Purchased earlier in the year, I was able to snag it along with 3 other Pacers cards for under $50.
The above card features actual game film of Paul George as the Pacers marched to having the best record in the Eastern Conference for the 2013-14 season.
Thrown in as free bonus are the above 3 cards featuring my other favorite Pacer, David West on a numbered Gold Standard card.  The Jonathan Bender is my first autograph of the former Pacer.

George has started his first full practice so with the chance to sneak into the playoffs, I'm going to get a little more excited as the season winds down.

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