Thursday, March 19, 2015

#tbt: There's a Cobra in the Mailbox

It's been a long time since I added a piece of cardboard signed by the Cobra.  You'll have to go all the way back to October 2013 to see that post.  I was able to meet Dave at this past year's PiratesFest and got a program signed by him.

My latest addition is a card that I aggressively tried to win on nearly a dozen chances and I kept losing it.  I finally bit the bullet and bought one for $29 which is about $5 more than what I was willing to spend on it.

Notable Nicknames might be my favorite group of autographs from the National Treasures release.

Dave Parker may never make it into the Hall of Fame despite having similar numbers to Hall of Famer, Jim Rice.  A great article was written in 2013 about the very similar career accomplishments by both.  You can read the article on 30 year old cardboard's blog here.