Monday, May 4, 2015

Archrival Autographs: Cutch & Bruce

There's only one team that I truly hate in baseball and that's the Milwaukee Brewers.  The reason for the hate is based mostly on the past 8 years when the Brew Crew made a mockery of the Pirates and when Carlos Gomez became a regular in their lineup.  Carlos Gomez is the single most player I hate in all sports.

There's other teams that I just don't like, but for some reason I appreciate the actual rivalry they bring.  Such is the case with the Reds.  I know that every time we are in a close game with them, it's going to be hard fought on both sides and players will give the extra bit to gain an edge.  Aroldis Chapman is a true weapon in their bullpen, but our pitchers aren't afraid to throw at their best players either.

Two players that are linked on both teams due to their positions taken in the 2005 draft are Andrew McCutchen (11th overall) and Jay Bruce (12th overall).  To me, they represent what each team offers.  Cutch is the underdog little guy that can do it all and (for many years) was under the radar.  Bruce is the powerhouse playing on a team with many years of success.

I've been after this dual autograph for nearly 3 years.  I had contacted people from multiple sports card blogs and forums that posted theirs and every person that had a copy of this card said "It's PC, not for sale".  With only 15 copies produced, I knew that it would be a tough card to one day track down, but with my tax refund I splurged the $75 to add it to my collection.

Now I can say "It's PC, not for sale!"

The Buccos take on the Reds tomorrow as they return home to PNC Park for a week before heading east to Philly next Monday.


  1. Awesome card, and I definitely do agree - Carlos Gomez is a jerk!

  2. I've only made one attempt at that card and haven't seen it since. One of these days it will hopefully pop up again.

  3. That sure is nice, man. Congrats!