Sunday, May 3, 2015

And El Cofee was his name - o!!!! P-L-I-N-K-O addition...

I had doubts about only one of the Pirates bats hitting heading into the 2015 season. Historically Cutch, Walker, Marte, Alvarez, and Mercer have shown enough above average offense over their careers to trust that trend continuing. In small sample sizes Cervelli has shown a high average over his career. JHey showed signs of brilliance last year and I trusted him to be a .280 - .300 hitter with double digit HR/SB combo. Gregory Polanco had shown poor plate discipline last year and I felt his swing was too long. Thus far, he has been the Pirates lone bright spot on offense.

I had so much fun with my reverse box challenge of 2014 National Treasures that I decided to take another crack at it.  Same rules apply as the first time around.  Grab a minimum of 3 autos, 1 booklet, and 4 other cards for less than the price of a box ($425).

To start us off, I have a Notable Nicknames on card autograph of Gregory "el coffee" Polanco.  This card was originally a redemption only card and only a few have started showing up on the secondary market.
I am not sure how Gregory got the nickname El Coffee, but the way he plays is very energetic so maybe that had something to do with it.  The on card autograph ran me $38 so my total spending limit on the next 7 cards can not exceed $387.  That shouldn't be a problem.

To recap my last National Treasures reverse box, I have provided links and pics below.
2014 National Treasures
Cost of 1 Hobby Box: $425
Each box was to contain the following compared to what I received
1 booklet (numbered to 99 or less)  - I got 2 (both numbered to 10) including a cut HOF auto
3 relics (numbered to 99 or less) - I got 4 (all numbered to 25 copies or less)
4 autographs - I got 6 (2 by Hall of Famers)
0 guarantee gems - I got 1 of HOF numbered to 20

My reverse box had an extra 6 cards in it and almost all my cards were numbered to less than 50 copies.  


  1. I love the Stargell booklet, and the Polanco patch! I should try doing this instead of buying boxes now...

  2. I can't win that damn Gerrit Cole notable nicknames card to save my life. Did you get that one yet? Probably one of the more frustrating cards I've attempted to buy in recent memory.

    Glad to see the Polanco's hitting. They were much more reasonable since they were redemptions.

    1. I recently grabbed the Cole Train card and have it in hand. It was very tough trying to snag one.