Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Charlie Morton SuperCollection Keeps GROWING!!!

The self proclaimed world's greatest Charlie Morton collection continues to grow.  When I wrapped up 2014, I had acquired every non 1/1 of Charlie Morton except for one card.  That one card is the 2012 Topps Factory Orange Parallel numbered /190.  I still have several minis to show off from 2014, but due to Charlie getting injured at the end of the season and running only pink parallels in October I never got a chance to show many of them off.  I will continue to show those off as the 2015 season begins to happen.

One of my ongoing goals is to try and grab as many 1/1s of Charlie that I can.  Even though the year is young, I have already grabbed a couple.
This is the first 1/1 of Charlie I am showing off since July 2014 when I showed off 2 Charlie Morton 1 of 1s (a 2014 yellow plate and the gold embedded card).

Hailing from 2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects is the black printing plate 1/1.  It ran me $16.58 delivered and is my 5th printing plate and my 12th 1/1.

What do you guys think of my Morton collection?



  1. He is the perfect kind of player to super collect. Good enough to get new cards every year, but not a household name to where you have to worry about hundreds of relics and autos. Beautiful collection.

    1. I'm trying to super collect Tony Sanchez too, but some of those TriStar parallels are impossible.