Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Major Error on this Cole Train card

Gerrit Cole is one of the league leaders in wins this year.  His performance on the mound has been nothing short of incredible.  Last year he won 11 games and in early May he will attempt to get win #5.  Earlier last month I snagged up this low print run (only 11 copies) card commemorating Cole for his 11 wins last year.  This particular card is numbered to 5.
On the back of the card is where I get frustrated with Quality Control at card companies.

Notice the 2014 states that Cole won 11 games in 2014.  Well how come for his career, he is only a 10 game winner?
Donruss used Cole's career numbers for ERA, WHIP, and total innigs pitched correctly, but the Wins ,Loss, Games/Games started, Hits, BBs, and K columns they used Cole's 2013 numbers.

C'mon....get your shit together

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