Friday, May 1, 2015

Thor & Iron Man Team Up!!!! Autograph Style (for trade/sale) HOF MOJO

With Avengers getting ready to come out, it only makes sense to highlight baseball versions of the lead characters today.  I fell in love with the Notable Nicknames set from 2014 National Treasures.  After grabbing the 3 Pirates players (Parker, Polanco, Cole), I set my sights on other players that were affordable that I liked their nicknames.

Noah Syndergaard aka Thor, fit that bill perfectly.
Thor fits my reverse box challenge well as he is one of the 4 required autographs I need to reverse box 2014 National Treasures again.  The on card autograph with "Thor" inscription is for trade or sale if anyone is interested in the young Mets right hander.

While I would have liked to also grab "Captain America" David Wright from the same National Treasures set, that card went for much more than I was willing to pay.  However, I did manage to grab another Avenger.

The Invincible Iron Man....
 Cal Ripken Jr.

Both cards are available for trade if anyone is interested.
Just send me an email or leave a comment.
I'm off to watch the Avengers now....

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  1. Ah, thank you for reminding me to go see the Avengers sometime this week. That is of course if theirs no interference with a Yankees game.

    Both of those cards are awesome, but unfortunately the Ripken is sticker, and I'm not a big fan of Panini. Good luck trading or selling the cards!