Thursday, October 10, 2013

17 Reasons why Case Breaks sometimes SUCK

I participated in an ebay case break of 2013 Bowman Chrome and was highly disappointed with what I got.  17 cards, no refractors, no rainbow colors, no autos for $40.

I should have just used that money to buy a team set, a Tyler Glasnow base auto, and maybe a rainbow parallel or few.

I'll show the highlights of what I got first
1xGerrit Cole
2xStarling Marte
1xAndrew McCutchen
1xAJ Burnett
1xJose Bautista Bowman Rookie Reprint

4xTyler Glasnow
4xMatt Curry
3xJin De Jhang

YUP!!!! This case break sucked!!!!
Just like losing to the Cardinals last night


  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I participated in a break and thought I did all right, but when I ran the numbers out for the number of cards vs. the number of participants about half of the people wound up subsidizing the success of the other half of the people. I wound up somewhere in the middle in this particular break, with fewer than the average number of hits, but a disproportionate number of the rarer stuff. There were some guys who really got shafted, though, and some guys who did very well. It's all random, of course, but it's hard not to take it personally sometimes.

    When you buy your own cards, you own whatever good or bad luck comes out of the packs, but when you participate in a group break you either win at the expense of others or lose to the benefit of others.

    I will probably still participate in group breaks here or there because it provides access to a world of cards I can't usually get into on my own, but I don't think I'll ever host a break of my own. The guilt over the guys who don't get their dollar's worth would eat me up too much.

  2. Just participated in my first group break, mainly to land the Dodgers I wanted. Did NOT get Kershaw, Greinke, A-Gon or Hanley. It was weak. I feel ya.

  3. I'll try remember these 17 reasons the next time I think about joining a group break/case break. I'd normally say "better luck next time", but it doesn't sound like there'll be a next time.

  4. I participated in a 2013 Bowman break of 5 cases on Ebay a little while ago and ran the math on the cards and figured that I would should be getting about 30 base cards of each player and roughly two parallels. I figured that was okay for the amount of money the auctions were running. I bought 8 players.

    The break was not legit. My cards were sent and and I had about ten cards per player and only two total parallels. I was short about 160 cards and quite a few parallels.

    Sighting my math, I e-mailed the guy and threatened to open a case against him. He said that middle school kids open and sort his cards and he mails them out and that he would send me the rest of my cards. Some excuse. I got another package of cards, but still felt as though he still could have been holding back the better stuff.

    I only do breaks now that have videos or sponsored by someone in the baseball card blogosphere. Lesson learned.