Monday, October 21, 2013

McCutchen Monday: Clear Vision Double

My current favorite player in baseball today is Andrew McCutchen.  Quite honestly, he might be my favorite player I've ever gotten a chance to see play. I currently own almost 300 unique cards of Cutch and hope to get that number closer to 400 by the end of the year.  Amongst my cardboard collection of Cutch are many autographs, over a dozen 1/1s, and almost enough jersey material to put his jersey back together.  Back in 2011, I created Morton Mondays, but with the lack of Charlie Morton cards available, I changed it to McCutchen Mondays so each Monday I will show off one new card from my Cutch collection.

To see all my Andrew McCutchen relics, autos, printing plates, manupatches, etc ... check out this link.

Short on time today so I'll just show off my newest Andrew McCutchen card I grabbed for less than $2.  It's from 2013 Pinnacle and is the Double variant of the Clear Vision insert.

Last month I showed off all my Pinnacle cards of Cutch I had.

Does anyone know if the Home Run parallel even exists for Cutch?  I've yet to see one hit the market.

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  1. I saw two HR parallels end (both were ended by the time I found them) right around product release - one ended as a BIN and the other ended at auction for around $4 shipped. It's one of my favorite insert sets in recent memory, but I don't know that I'll ever find the 2B and HR versions to finish the sequence.