Friday, October 25, 2013

My Cutch Collection just got cut

I recently picked up 2 Andrew McCutchen die cut inserts for $5 shipped.  You can see the cards below.

First up is the Dynamic Skill insert from 2013 Topps Chrome.  This card reminds me of something Upper Deck would have put out.  Of all the diecuts that Topps has tried doing over the past few years, I think this may be my favorite.  It's a much different shape than what we're used to seeing in die-cut form.

Next up is the Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars.  This is your standard, I'm going to make a bunch of random cuts in a card for a die-cut effect.  Bowman Platinum is supposed to be a higher end product of Bowman.  Why do they fail year after year at making die-cuts?

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